Monday, April 7, 2008

In that last post did we say more cultural coverage is always better? Sorry. Slip of the tongue. More quality coverage is better. There were some stories in the Lagniappe this week that missed that mark. Keith Spera cribs the entire meat of his piece on Iron and Wine from an interview in Paste magazine. What happened? The TP couldn't score its own interview?

A sloppy error sits smack in the center of Robyn L. Loda's paint-by-numbers piece on the Isleños Festival:
New Orleans area residents may be more familiar with Latin American cuisine since Hurricane Katrina brought an influx of food vendors to serve an expanding Latino population. But the Islenos have been celebrating such dishes at the festival for three decades.
Just to be clear, the Isleños are from Spain. Spaniards do not eat tacos.

Brett Anderson normally covers the food beat, but he's been missing for the past few weeks. He did return on Sunday for a story about a car accident involving Bacchanal's owner:
People won't remember March 30 as the sort of perfect Sunday night they've grown accustomed to at Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits, although that is precisely what it was until tragedy stuck in the wee hours of the following morning.
That lede just makes my head hurt. Or maybe I should say that that lede does not make my head not hurt.

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varg said...

Yes, the Spaniards eat TAPOS! Good eye on the I&W story.