Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I hate to nitpick...who am I kidding? Media Maven loves to nitpick. Check out this section of Gordon Russell's TP piece on Oliver Thomas:
The prosecution's memo was filed last week with a request that it be sealed. It was introduced into the court record Tuesday morning after Vance denied the motion to seal it.

Ironically, Thomas' own crime came to the attention of authorities as a result of another convict's cooperation.

Restaurateur and political operative Stan "Pampy" Barre, who is awaiting sentencing for his role in skimming money from a City Hall energy contract, told authorities that Thomas had extorted roughly $15,000 in bribes from him in exchange for a pledge that he would help Barre retain a portion of a French Quarter parking contract.
Help me out here. Where is the irony in this situation?

Monday, November 19, 2007

We had another election on Saturday. Instead of actually writing some original thoughts, I'll just link to Library Chronicle, Celius and Pistolette, who all wonder why they local media made these races all about race. Good question.