Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Your Right Hand Thief takes the Gambit to task for twice endorsing a politician and now begging for us to boot him out of office:

The Gambit Weekly endorsed Derrick Shepherd twice. In 2003 they endorsed him "wholeheartedly", and then later in 2005 they endorsed him with the laughable hope that he would "bridge divisions" in the legislature. The Times Picayune also endorsed Derrick Shepherd in the summer of 2005.

These publications helped the political ascendancy of Derrick Shepherd with their endorsements, and now, once State Senator Shepherd is entrenched, these ultra-informed publications suddenly tell us that Derrick Shepherd's district "desperately needs a new senator. The incumbent is among the least effective-- and least trusted-- members of the Legislature" (quote from this week's Gambit).

Thanks a fudging lot, Intrepid Fourth Estate!!

Like in so many other areas, the Gambit would have more credibility if it could just admit its mistakes.

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