Monday, August 27, 2007

Did you seen that A1 headline in the TP? Political Bad News Takes a Toll: But State's Reputation Isn't Necessarily Fatal. Well, thank God that a chance exists that the state won't die. What does the article say? Oh, nothing of the sort. There is corruption, but most lawmakers won't punish the residents for bad leaders. Also, Mississippi has stronger and more senior leaders, so they've scored more money. Also, Landrieu and Vitter are competitive with each other, so that might be slowing down the process. Then again, it keeps them both working hard.

Wait a minute, that headline wasn't really about the article, was it? Once again, the TP writer turns in a well-written story and the copydesk acts like they work for a cheap tabloid and slaps on a hysterical hed. Can someone teach the copydesk some reading comprehension skills?

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